Way to English
2020/10/14 分享
  • Good morning.

  • Sheldon, sit down.

  • She’s in my spot. Don’t look at me like that, everybody knows that my spot.

  • Sheldon, you know that we care about you.

  • And it’s because we care about you that we’ve decided we have to speak up.

  • You’re hurting the people around you, sweetie.

  • So we made you an appointment, and we want you to keep it.

  • Department of motor vehicles new driver handbook? But I don’t have a problem.

vehicles ['viɪklz]

n. 运载工具、传播媒介、(为展露演员才华而)特意编写的一出戏(或电影等)、[画]展色剂、交通工具( vehicle的名词复数 )、车辆、传播媒介、手段

  • Sheldon, you need to learn how to drive.

  • This madness has to stop.

  • Penny’s taking you to the DMV, I’m going to bed.

  • Why Penny?

  • Because rock breaks scissors, goodnight.

scissors [ˈsɪzərz]

n. 剪刀、两腿前后错跃

v. 剪开( scissor的第三人称单数)、作剪式移动(尤指腿)

  • All right, come on Sheldon.

  • Hold on, I have one condition.

  • What?

  • We have to stop at Pottery Barn.

  • Okay.

  • And Radio Shack.

  • Fine.

  • And the comic book store.

  • All right!

  • Ooh, I want to go to the comic book store.