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2020/09/30 分享
  • Can you please come in here?

  • I don't want to be in the same room as that flier.

flier [ˈflaɪɚ]

n. 飞行器驾驶员、动作敏捷的人或动物、速度很快的车辆、(产品的)宣传单

  • My mom wasn't trying to be around any bad luck. That's why she banned all the number 4s in the house.

  • What time is it?

  • Quarter to "h".

  • It's just "Forbes" magazine.

  • It's too close.

  • Yay! I'm 3! I'm second 3!

  • Fours aren't so bad. There's four ninja turtles.

ninja ['nɪndʒə]

n. (受过偷窃技术专门训练被雇作间谍或刺客的)日本武士


n. 海龟( turtle的名词复数 )、(任何种类的)龟、陆龟、水龟

  • You mean those karate frogs who eat pizza in a sewer? That seems bad.

karate [kəˈrɑti]

n. <日>空手道(日本的一种徒手自卫武术)

  • Emery, don't even try. Mom is crazy superstitious. You know that Stevie Wonder song "Superstition"? She won't listen to it because she thinks that's what made him blind.

superstitious [ˌsupərˈstɪʃəs]

adj. 迷信的、有迷信观念的

  • I am not crazy superstitious. You know who's crazy superstitious? Grandma. She won't face north. She thinks jade wards off evil spirits. And have you seen her room?

jade [dʒed]

n. 玉,翡翠、翡翠色、劣马,驽马、[宝] 碧玉

adj. 玉制的、翡翠色的、绿玉色的

v. (使)疲、(使)疲惫不堪、(使)精疲力尽

ward [wɔrd]

n. 病房,病室、监视,监督、保卫、[法]受监护人

vt. 监护,守护、挡住,架住、避开、收容

  • You have to be patient with grandma. Every generation gets less and less superstitious, just like how they get less and less racist.

  • Well, me avoiding that number has kept this family protected.

  • Sure, but didn't you tell your boss you can sell anything?

  • Yes, but it's not about my ability...

  • Besides, the extra money wouldn't hurt. The restaurant's been a little slow lately, so I was thinking about getting a mechanical bull to steer in the crowds. Did you get it?

  • Yes. It's hilarious. I don't have to laugh to think it's funny.

hilarious [hɪˈleriəs]

adj. 欢闹的、非常滑稽的、令人捧腹的、喜不自禁的