Way to English
2020/09/28 分享
  • Well, Thursdays are open house day, and on Fridays, we do happy hour after work.

  • Do we get paid for that?

  • No! It's an opportunity to get to know your co-workers better.

  • Pass.

  • That is why I hired you. You are always negotiating. And now we can be a team instead of competitors.

  • Oh, like those chipmunks. I am Alvin.


n. 金花鼠( chipmunk的名词复数 )

  • Okay. Here is the first property I need you to sell.

  • A condo? Ashley, give me something good. I can sell anything.

  • Well, if you want a challenge... the Allen house.

  • The Allen house? No one ever goes in. No one ever comes out.

  • Well, that makes sense if no one ever goes in.

  • We've had the Allen house on the market for years, and nobody's been able to sell it. It has a rodent problem.

rodent [ˈroʊdnt]

n. [动]啮齿目动物

adj. (与) 啮齿动物(有关)的

  • It's pet-friendly.

  • The roof has a hole.

  • Skylight.

  • There was a brutal murder there.

brutal [ˈbrutl]

adj. 野蛮的、残忍的、不讲理的、无情的

  • So statistically, another murder is unlikely.

  • Okay, great. Here you go. The address is 44 west 44th street.

  • Aw, hell, no!

  • What's wrong?

  • Well, in the Chinese culture, the number 4 is bad luck. On account it's pronounced si, which sounds like the Chinese word for "death," se.

  • The garbage man is right. Promote him to garbage boss.