Way to English
2020/09/25 分享
  • I'm sorry!

  • Why is there a Chinese girl here saying she's you?

  • I freaked out. All that talk about your mom got in my head, so I sent my friend Audrey. She plays second-chair piccolo in *orchestra8 with me.

piccolo [ˈpɪkəloʊ]

n. 短笛

adj. (乐器)小型的

  • Eddie, get off the phone! You're being rude! And lose the bowls on the table. I'm gonna put out the good chips.

  • I'm gonna tell her the truth. This is crazy!

  • No, you can't! She'll hate me even more!

  • Well, what was your plan?

  • I didn't have one! I panicked!

  • Hey, Eddie. Uh, Alison wanted to talk to you.

  • That's not Alison.

  • Whew. I didn't want to say anything. I'm usually great with faces.

  • Me, too. Do you use the Eyes-Mouth Method or the Most Prominent Feature?

prominent [ˈprɑmɪnənt]

adj. 突出的,杰出的、突起的、著名的

  • Both of you, shut your eyes-mouth. No one cares.

  • Is that Audrey? Say hi for me.

  • Alison says hi.

  • Tell her, "Hi, Al." Your mom wanted me to tell you to come join us in the kitchen. She's gonna make dumplings while I quiz you with flashcards.

  • I have to go deal with this.

  • Okay, but promise me you won't say anything. We'll figure something out tomorrow at school.

  • Fine.

  • So, quick quesh...

  • That's not Alison. She panicked and sent her friend Audrey.

  • I knew it wasn't her. I'm good with faces. I use the Mouth-Chin Method.