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2020/08/31 分享
  • Okay, why?

  • I'm listening to you snore. I'm wondering how I'll ever sleep without it.

snore [snɔr, snor]

vi. 打呼噜,打鼾

n. 呼噜,鼾声

  • If it helps you sleep, then why are you sitting here staring at me like the albino boogeyman?

albino [ælˈbaɪnoʊ]

n. 白化病者,白化变种

boogeyman ['buɡɪmæn]

n. 具有超人力量的恶巫

  • Really Leonard. Insults? After I spent two hours in your closet, waiting for you to fall asleep?

  • What's your problem?

  • If the surgery is successful, the snoring is gone. And if you die during surgery, the snoring is gone.

surgery [ˈsɜrdʒəri]

n. 外科学,外科手术、手术室、诊所、诊断时间

  • It sounds like either way, I finally get some rest.

  • I have to be honest with you Leonard, I'm truly worried.

  • I told you, there's nothing to worry about.

  • Well, I've been doing some research and I've learned that one in 700,000 people die from general anaesthesia.

anaesthesia [ˌænɪsˈθiʒə]

n. 感觉缺失,麻木、麻醉

  • Buddy, wh, do you realize that that also means 699,999 people don't die?

  • I suppose that's true. You're such a glass half-full kind of guy. I'm going to miss that.