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  • CHANDLER: Hey man, look it's my best bud. How you doing? Wow, you are really getting good at that Marcel Marceau thing. Hey, what do you say uh, we play some ball, you and me, huh, what do you say? OK, that's my bad.

  • JOEY: If you hated the bracelet so much, Chandler, you should have just said so.

  • CHANDLER: Well, doesn't the fact that I wore the bracelet even though I hated it say something about our friendship and how much it means to me?

wore [wɔr, wor]

v. 穿着( wear的过去式 )、磨成、使疲乏、同意

  • JOEY: Well, what about the fact that you insulted the bracelet and you made fun of me?


v. 侮辱,冒犯( insult的过去式和过去分词 )

  • CHANDLER: OK, well that's the part where I'm a wank. But I was hoping we wouldn't focus on that. Hey, come on man, I said I was sorry like a hundred times, I promise I will never take it off my... wrist. But if, if you want to stay in there and be mad, you know, you just uh, you stay in there.

wank [wæŋk]

vi. 行手淫

n. 手淫, 可憎的人

  • JOEY: You know what the...

  • CHANDLER: I am here, on my knees, holding up these couch cushions as a symbol of my sorrow and regret, much like they did in biblical times. Though you may haveth anger now...

sorrow [ˈsɑroʊ]

n. 悲痛、悔恨,惋惜、伤心事

vt.& vi. 悲痛、遗憾


adj. 圣经的、依据圣经的