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2020/08/19 分享
  • PHOEBE: Do you want a refill?

refill [riˈfɪl]

vt. 再注满、重新装满、再填、再补充

n. 替换物、再注满

vi. 被再注满

  • CHANDLER: No, I'm alright, thanks.

  • PHOEBE: OK. Ooh, OK, you gotta give me a second, I wanna get this just right. Dude, 11 o'clock, totally hot babe checking you out. That was really good, I think I'm ready for my penis now.

babe [beb]

n. 婴儿、<俚>姑娘、天真幼稚的人

  • CHANDLER: I know what you're thinking, Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's.

  • GAIL: I'm Gail.

  • CHANDLER: Chandler.

  • GAIL: I, I really have to be somewhere but it was nice meeting you.

  • CHANDLER: What? Oh this is excellent. You know he could've gotten me a VCR, he could've gotten me a set of golf clubs, but no, he has to get me the woman repeller, the eyesore from the Liberace house of crap.

repeller [rɪ'pelər]


eyesore [ˈaɪˌsɔr, ˈaɪˌsor]

n. 难看的东西

  • PHOEBE: It's not that bad.

  • CHANDLER: Oh, yeah, easy for you to say, you don't have to walk around sporting some reject from the Mr. T collection.

  • PHOEBE: Chandler, Chandler.

  • CHANDLER: I pity the fool who puts on my jewelry, I do, I do. I pity the fool that... Hi. Hey man, we were just doing some impressions over here. Do your Marcel Marceau. That's actually good.

jewelry [ˈdʒuəlri]

n. <美>珠宝,首饰

impression [ɪmˈprɛʃən]

n. 印象,感觉、影响,效果、盖印,印记