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2020/08/10 分享
  • Uh, hey, Leonard, can I talk to you about something?

  • Oh, sure, what’s up?

  • Remember I went out with your friend Penny a couple weeks ago?

  • Yeah, vaguely.

vaguely [ˈveɪɡli]

adv. 含糊地、茫然地、暧昧的

  • Sure you remember. You went to the bar and made a fool of yourself trying to pick up strange women.

  • What about it?

  • Well, uh, the thing is, the date didn’t go that well.

  • Oh, too bad. I guess the thing to do now is just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, forget it and move on.

dust [dʌst]

n. 灰尘、(建筑物内、家具或地板等上的)灰尘、〈口〉金粉,粉末,粉剂,花粉

v. 擦去…的灰尘、撒(粉)于、掸去、刷去

  • I can’t do that.

  • Why the hell not?

  • ‘Cause we’re going out again tomorrow. I figured this is probably my last shot with Penny and I don’t want to screw it up.

  • Nobody wants that.

  • So, here’s my question. It’s the second date, you think she’ll be expecting things to get physical?

  • Uh, oh, gee, my initial reaction is no. You know, let me think about it and get back to you, okay?

  • Okay, so, you’ll give me a call?

  • Yeah, or you call me.

  • Great.

  • Or nobody calls anyone.

  • Interesting. Penny’s current suitor asking advice from her former suitor.

suitor [ˈsutɚ]

n. 求婚者、起诉者、请愿者

  • You know, thanks for closed-captioning my pain, Raj.

  • Hey, wanna make sure he gets nowhere with Penny without jeopardizing your friendship with either of them?


v. 危及,损害( jeopardize的现在分词 )

  • I’m listening.

  • Just tell him to do everything you’ve done with her for the last two years.