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  • "Danny, don't be a fcking bitch. I'll get you the tanning bed. I charge shit to the investors all the time. I put two grams of coke on the company card last week. Aah, fck."

  • You see, Colin, we were able to break down all of your misdeeds by category, including a catch-all for personal embarrassment. Masturbation, farts, the one time you said that you could, if you wanted to, get porn of your sister. You get the gist. Data collection. Not so boss when it happens to you, is it, Colin?

misdeed [mɪsˈdid]

n. 违法行为,罪恶

embarrassment [ɛmˈbærəsmənt]

n. 窘迫、难堪、令人难堪或耻辱的事

masturbation [ˌmæstɚˈbeʃən]

n. 手淫,自淫、自渎

fart [fɑrt]

vi. <讳>放屁

n. <讳>放屁、讨厌的人、令人厌烦的人、蠢人

  • Holy shit.

  • I say, what time is it? Uh Where's my phone.

  • Uh, do you have a phone? Do you have a phone?

  • It is f*ck you o'clock!

  • Seven, you say? Oh! Well, hey, isn't that the time your board is meeting tonight?

  • It's on my freaking shared Exchange calendar.

  • Oh, oh look! There they are right now! Look at that!

  • Say, Richard, that looks a lot like Harold Gibbons, the man whom Colin has made a cuckold of.

cuckold [ˈkʌkoʊld]

n. 妻子与人通奸的人,“乌龟”

vt. 使戴绿帽子

  • It does. You just messed with the wrong pair of boys. Here's what's gonna happen. You're gonna march into that meeting, and you're gonna make an amendment to your company bylaws that you will never record or collect user data ever again. Unless, of course, you want the information on that little thumb drive to get out.

mess [mɛs]

n. 混乱、食堂、肮脏、困境

vt. 弄脏、搞砸、给…供膳

vi. 把事情弄糟、制造脏乱

amendment [əˈmɛndmənt]

n. 修正案、修改,修订

bylaws ['baɪˌlɔz]

n. 次要法规,(社、团制定的)规章制度( bylaw的名词复数 )

  • Son of a bitch.

  • You can keep that one, Colin. We've made copies.

  • Yeah. Walk walk your ass out of here, you liar, and why don't you go f*cking die.