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2020/08/05 分享
  • "I charge all kinds of shit to the investors. I bought a Jet Ski, I bought a snowmobile, I bought a 10-pack of piano lessons..."

  • He flat-out admits to embezzlement.

embezzlement [ɪm'bezlmənt]

n. 盗用,挪用、贪污、侵吞公款、侵占

  • Where'd you get this?

  • Colin! He's been storing private conversations on our network, including his own. Because he's got gaming headsets everywhere. At his office, at his house, at his RV, and they are live 24/7. We have thousands of hours of his private conversations. You see, once I paired the automagical Son of Anton with my compression algorithm, and gave it access to Galloo Games's database, it indexed it all in less than 10 minutes, and generated this. Jared, this is a graph of all of his voice recordings, clustered by keyword. I mean, look at this. He steals, he does drugs at work, he's even sleeping with one of his investor's wives. I mean, this guy is dirty as a dog and we got him! Cold!

  • Hold on. What are you suggesting here? Blackmail?

blackmail [ˈblækˌmel]

n. 敲诈,勒索、(盗匪征收的)保护费,免抢税

vt. 胁迫,勒索,敲诈,讹诈

  • No I no. I I don't

  • Richard, what Colin is doing is clearly, and gobsmackingly, awful. But we're supposed to be the virtuous ones here, and this is just plain wrong.

virtuous [ˈvɜrtʃuəs]

adj. 有道德的,有德行的、善良的、贞洁的、有效力的

  • Yeah. Okay. Yeah, I guess, yeah. I guess you're right. I'll think of something else.

  • Yeah. I mean, he started it, but I don't know. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know. Okay. I don't know.