Way to English
2020/08/03 分享
  • Hey, man, you got a second? Saw you on TV. You crushed it. That king shit was on point, man. I f*cking love kings. So listen, did they swear you in? Like, pull the whole Johnny Law routine with you? Were you under oath?

  • Uh, no.

  • Cool! Well, that's a weight off.

  • Why?

  • Well, you said all that stuff about not collecting user data.

  • Yes?

  • But we are. I am. But I'm doing the right thing now by telling you, so I feel like...

  • I'm sorry, Colin. How long have you been collecting user data?

  • Sorta the whole time. But it's just to improve the quality of my gameplay. I'm not using it to sell ads.

  • It doesn't f*cking matter. It goes against the principles of this company. I mean shit, I just lied to Congress.

  • No. You said a lie to Congress, but you didn't know at the time, I guess. Don't beat yourself up about it, huh? But going forward, maybe stop saying that. Or do say it. I don't care. Maybe it'll be like Google saying "Don't be evil", or Facebook saying "I'm sorry, we'll do better", or me saying "Gates of Galloo does not leave your headset mic open and record everything you say. Suck it. "

  • Sweet f*cking shit. Are you bugging people and storing their private conversations on my network? Colin! This stops, now.

  • It would really be better for me if you just stopped lying about it, 'cause the game's pretty boss.

  • No, no. I'm the boss, and I'm telling you that this is over, Colin. It's done.

  • Agree to disagree. I'm glad we had this talk. Can't believe I was so nervous. Congratulations.