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2020/07/31 分享
  • Leonard: Sorry she made you come over here on a holiday.

  • Zack: It’s all right. I didn’t have anything going on. Plus, Penny told me we’re married, and Thanksgiving’s a time to be with family.

  • Penny: Yeah, okay, great. Can we just get this over with?

  • Leonard: Yeah, uh, you guys have to sign here and here. On Monday, we’ll file for the annulment, and this marriage will be over.

  • Penny: Okay.

  • Zack: I don’t know if I want to sign it.

  • Leonard: Why won’t you sign it?

  • Zack: I just think splitting up can be rough on kids.

rough [rʌf]

adj. 粗糙的,崎岖不平的、粗略的、粗暴的、危险的

n. 草稿、暴徒、(高尔夫球场的)深草区、艰苦;高低不平的地面;未经加工的材料;粗糙的部分

adv. 粗暴地、粗野地

vt. 过艰苦的生活、使粗糙;粗暴对待;草拟

vi. 举止粗野

  • Penny: We don’t have any kids.

  • Zack: Are you sure? ‘Cause you didn’t know we were married until this morning.

  • Penny: Okay, look, Zack, come on. You know neither of us thought this was real. I mean, we were married by an Elvis impersonator.

impersonator [ɪmˈpɜrsəneɪtə(r)]

n. 演员,模拟(名人等的)艺人

  • Zack: Of course it was an impersonator. We could never afford a real Elvis.

  • Leonard: You married him instead of me? Good call. Sign the papers.

  • Penny: Hang on. You know what? You have been a jerk about this all day. You always do this, whenever I mess up, you’re right there to make me feel even worse about it.

  • Leonard: That is not true.

  • Penny: Yeah, we could’ve waited till Monday, signed the papers, this all would have been over.

  • Leonard: You’re the one who invited him here.

  • Penny: Oh, there you go again, just another mistake you’re throwing in my face.

  • Zack: Not cool, bro. I’m starting to think you’re not the kind of guy I want dating my wife.

  • Leonard: Yeah, well, she’s not gonna be your wife for long.

  • Zack: Oh, no. Are you dying?

  • Penny: I’m about to. Sign the paper.

  • Zack: Know what they say, happy wife, happy life. Let’s eat.