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  • Leonard: Gee, Penny, thanks for buying us dinner.

  • Howard: Yeah, what’s the occasion?

occasion [əˈkeɪʒn]

n. 机会,时机、场合、理由、需要

vt. 惹起,引起

  • Penny: No, no occasion, just felt like getting some Chinese chow for my peeps.

  • Sheldon: Did you remember to ask for the chicken with broccoli to be diced, not shredded?



  • Penny: Yes.

  • Sheldon: Even though the menu description specifies shredded?

  • Penny: Yes.

  • Sheldon: Brown rice, not white?

  • Penny: Yes.

  • Sheldon: You stop at the Korean grocery and get the good hot mustard?

grocery [ˈgroʊsəri]

n. 食品杂货店、食品杂货业

mustard [ˈmʌstərd]

n. 芥末,芥菜、芥末色,深黄色、强烈的兴趣、热情的人

  • Penny: Yes.

  • Sheldon: Did you pick up the low-sodium soy sauce from the market?

sodium [ˈsoʊdiəm]

n. <化>钠(11号元素,符号 Na)

  • Penny: Yes

  • Sheldon: Good. See how it’s done, Leonard?

  • Penny: So, what do we got going on tonight, huh? Playing Halo watching Battlestar, drop some mentos in diet coke?

  • Leonard: You want to watch Battlestar?

  • Penny: What can I say? I got my geek on, boys.

  • Howard: No, no, PMS is different.


abbr. pre-menstrual syndrome 经前综合征

  • Alicia: Oh, thank God you’re home. I need help.

  • Leonard: What’s wrong?

  • Alicia: I just got a callback to audition for CSI to play a hooker who gets killed.

audition [ɔˈdɪʃən]

n. 听力、听觉、试听、试音

vi. 试听、试音

vt. 对…进行面试、让…试唱

  • Leonard: Oh, I’d watch that.

  • Alicia: But my car is in the shop, and I have to be at Universal in forty-five minutes.

  • Leonard: Okay, well, I’ll take you.

  • Alicia: Oh, you’re a lifesaver.

lifesaver [ˈlaɪfˌsevɚ]

n. 救生者,水难救生员,济急的人

  • Howard: I’ll run lines with you in the car.

  • Alicia: Great. And afterward, I’ll take you all out for Chinese.

  • Howard: Yum! Starving!