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2020/07/15 分享
  • Alicia: Thanks so much for helping me, Leonard.

  • Leonard: Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to help.

  • Penny: Oh, hey, guys.

  • Leonard: Hey, Penny. this is Alicia, our new neighbour. I’m helping.

neighbour [ˈnebɚ]

n. 邻居、邻近的人[物]、邻国、世人

vt. 接壤、邻接

vi. 邻近、与…有睦邻关系

adj. 邻居的、邻近的

  • Penny: I can see.

  • Sheldon: Alicia’s non-musical, childless and pro-rug. She’s still on probation, of course, but I like her.

probation [proʊˈbeɪʃn]

n. 试用(期)、缓刑(期)、查看,查验、试读(期)

  • Alicia: Cool t-shirt.

  • Penny: Oh, yeah, I don’t usually dress like this. I’m going jogging.

jogging [ˈdʒɑgɪŋ]

n. 慢跑

v. (使)慢走,慢跑( jog的现在分词 )、轻敲,轻推

  • Sheldon: You don’t jog.

  • Penny: I can start.

  • Sheldon: True, but the more likely explanation for your attire is that you’re out of clean clothes again.

attire [əˈtaɪr]

n. 服装,衣服

vt. 使穿上衣服,使穿上盛装

  • Penny: Thank you, Sheldon.

  • Sheldon: You’re welcome, Penny.

  • Alicia: Please, you look cute. I’m dressed like a slob today, too.

slob [slɑb]

n. <口>懒汉,粗俗汉,笨蛋

  • Leonard: I think you look fantastic.

  • Alicia: This one’s a player, huh?

  • Penny: Oh, yeah, be careful.

  • Alicia: Thanks for the warning. I’ll see you around.

  • Penny: See ya. I’m dressed like a slob today, too.