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  • Alicia: I’m Alicia. I’m moving in upstairs.

  • Leonard: That is so great. Oh, I’m Leonard, I live downstairs. Upstairs from here, but under you. Not under you per se, but under your apartment.

per se [ˌpɜr ˈseɪ]

adv. 本身,本质上

  • Alicia: That’s nice.

  • Leonard: Yeah, it is.

  • Sheldon: If that concludes your faltering attempt to mate. Hello. On a scale of one to ten how light of foot would you describe yourself with one being not cat-like at all and ten being freakishly feline?

faltering ['fɔltərɪŋ]

adj. 犹豫的,支吾的,蹒跚的

v. (嗓音)颤抖( falter的现在分词 )、支吾其词、蹒跚、摇晃

  • Alicia: Freakishly feline?

feline [ˈfiˌlaɪn]

adj. 猫(科)的

n. 猫科动物

  • Sheldon: Is that your answer or do you not understand the question? We’ll come back to that one.

  • Leonard: Sheldon…

  • Sheldon: Hang on. Are you now or have you ever been a salsa, Irish folk or break-dancer?

salsa [ˈsɑlsə]

n. 洋葱做的辣调味汁、萨尔萨舞曲

vi. 跳萨尔萨舞

  • Alicia: No.

  • Leonard: You’re making her uncomfortable.

  • Sheldon: Oh, I’m sorry. Well, if it helps you feel any better you’re doing very well so far. Next question, are you fertile?

fertile [ˈfɜ:rtl]

adj. 肥沃的、可繁殖的、想象力丰富的

  • Alicia: What?!

  • Sheldon: I’m trying to determine whether crying infants above my head are a possibility.

infant ['ɪnfənt]

n. 婴儿,幼儿、未成年人、初学者,生手

adj. 婴儿的,幼儿的、幼稚的,幼小的、初期的、未成年的

  • Alicia: I have no immediate plans.

  • Sheldon: If that changes, let me know. And finally, area rugs, pro or con?

pro [proʊ]

n. 专业人员、职业选手、老手

adj. 职业的、专业的

prep. 赞成、支持

con [kɑn]

n. 反对票,反对者、反对的论点,反对的理由

vt. 精读,熟读、默记,谙记

prep. 以…,用…、反对

adj. 欺诈的,骗取信任的

adv. 反面地,从反面

  • Alicia: Pro?

  • Sheldon: Welcome to the building.