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  • Sheldon: Well, perhaps when your mother gets here, she’ll talk some sense into you.

  • Penny: What? Your… your mother’s coming? When?

  • Leonard: Tomorrow.

  • Penny: When were you going to tell me?

  • Leonard: Um, tomorrow?

  • Penny: Why were you keeping this a secret?

  • Leonard: Well, I just, I thought…

  • Sheldon: If I can interject here, obviously Leonard is concerned that his mother won’t approve of you as his mate.

interject [ˌɪntərˈdʒekt]

vt. (突然)插入,插话、打断

  • Penny: Why wouldn’t she approve of me? I’m adorable.

adorable [əˈdɔrəbəl,əˈdor-]

adj. 值得崇拜的,可敬重的、可爱的,讨人喜欢的

  • Leonard: You are, it’s just…

  • Sheldon: If I can interject again. Leonard comes from a remarkably high-achieving family, who have all chosen high-achieving partners. He probably feels that it’s doubtful that his mother will be overly impressed with his dating a woman whose most significant achievement is memorizing the Cheesecake Factory menu.

remarkably [rɪˈmɑrkəblɪ]

adv. 引人注目地,明显地,非常地、格外;出乎意料地

doubtful [ˈdaʊtfəl]

adj. 难以预测的、难以预料的,未定局的、怀疑的,拿不准的、不明不白

memorizing [ˈmeməˌraɪzɪŋ]

v. 记住,熟记( memorize的现在分词 )

  • Penny: Hey, it’s a big menu. There’s two pages just for desserts.

  • Leonard: I know. And those specials, they change every day.

  • Penny: Okay, you know what? It’s lame when I say it, it’s just ridiculous when you pile on.

ridiculous [rɪˈdɪkjələs]

adj. 可笑的,荒谬的、荒唐的,愚蠢的、胡枝扯叶

pile on [paɪl ɑn]

(使)堆积, (使)蜂拥

  • Leonard: Okay, sorry.

  • Penny: So what did she say when you told her we were going out?

  • Leonard: Um…

  • Penny: You didn’t tell her we were going out, did you?

  • Leonard: Um…

  • Penny: Why not?

  • Leonard: Um…

  • Sheldon: Leonard, I’m no expert on meditation, but if you’re trying to calm yourself down, I believe the word is Om.

meditation [ˌmɛdɪˈteʃən]

n. 默想、默念、沉思、冥想