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2020/07/03 分享
  • Rachel: Oh, hi Danny.

  • Danny: Hey guys, I just uh, wanted to invite you to the party tomorrow night.

  • Monica: Oh, thanks! We'll try to stop by.

  • Rachel: Uh, actually, I think I'm gonna be busy.

  • Monica: You are?

  • Rachel: Yeah! Remember I got that uh, gala.

gala [ˈgeɪlə]

n. 节日、庆祝

adj. 节日的、欢乐的

  • Danny: Yeah, what's the gala for?

  • Rachel: It's a uh, regatta gala.

regatta [rɪˈɡɑtə, -ˈɡætə]

n. 划船比赛、赛艇会

  • Danny: Really! You sail?

  • Rachel: No-no, but I support it.

  • Danny: Okay, hope I see you tomorrow night.

  • Monica: Okay.

  • Danny: Take care.

  • Rachel: Okay. Walked right into that one didn't he?

  • Monica: What one? You wanted him to invite you to the party and he did it!

  • Rachel: Yeah, but he waited until the last minute! So if I said yes, he would know I had nothing better to do than wait around for an invitation to his stupid party. I said, "No!" Which puts me right back in the driver seat.

last minute [læst ˈmɪnɪt]

n. 最后一刻,紧急关头

  • Monica: Great. So the ball is in his court?

court [kɔrt]

n. 法院,法庭、院子,天井、宫廷、网球场

vt. 招致、设法获得、向…献殷勤、追求

vi. 求爱,求婚、寻求

  • Rachel: Ball? There is no ball.