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2020/07/01 分享
  • Danny: Hey!

  • Rachel: Hi Danny! Wow! Thirsty huh?

thirsty [ˈθɜrsti]

adj. 口渴的、渴望(求)…的、干旱的,缺水的、耗油的

  • Danny: Uh, actually, actually, I'm having a party at my place on Saturday, it's sort of a house warming kind of thing.

  • Monica: Ohh, fun!

  • Rachel: Ohh, great!

  • Danny: Yeah, I'm really looking forward to it.

  • Rachel: Yeah.

  • Danny: Okay, see ya.

  • Monica: Well, I guess we won't be warming his house.

  • Rachel: Okay. All right, I see what he's doing! He's not asking me out, because he wants me to ask him out.

  • Monica: And you're not gonna do that.

  • Rachel: That's right! 'Cause that would give him the control! So now he's all ooh, coming up with this whole I've got a party thing y'know, trying to get me to hint around for an invitation. Blew up in his face, didn't it?

hint [hɪnt]

n. 线索,迹象、提示,注意事项、暗示、微量

vt. 暗示

vi. 暗示,提示

blew [blu]

vt. 吹,刮

v. 吹气( blow的过去式 )、刮风、吹响、炸开

  • Monica: So-so there is no party.

  • Rachel: No, there's a party. There's a party. But the power, that is still up for grabs. You follow me?

up for grabs


  • Monica: I think so. Se, he-he's not inviting you to his party because he likes you.

  • Rachel: Exactly.