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2020/06/26 分享
  • Danny: Yeah?

  • Rachel: Hi! You might not remember us, but we are the girls that fogged you.

  • Monica: We're-we're really sorry we fogged you.

  • Danny: Okay.

  • Rachel: Hi! Just so you know, we-we didn't mean to fog you, we thought you were like a yeti or something.

  • Danny: Okay.

  • Danny: Yesss?

  • Rachel: Hi! Sorry to bother you, but I don't think we can accept your acceptance of our apology, it just doesn't really seem like you mean it.

bother [ˈbɑðə(r)]

vt. 烦扰,打扰、使…不安,使…恼怒、使迷惑、烦恼

vi. 操心、麻烦、烦恼

n. 麻烦,操心、累赘、烦扰,吵闹、讨厌的人

acceptance [əkˈseptəns]

n. 接受,接纳、[金融]承兑、无怨接受(逆境、困境等)、赞成

  • Monica: Yeah.

  • Danny: O-kay!

  • Monica: Wow! That guy is so rude!

rude [rud]

adj. 粗鲁的、简陋的、狂暴的、近乎下流的

  • Rachel: Really! What is with that guy? I mean you'd forgive me if I fogged you.

forgive [fərˈgɪv]

vt.& vi. 原谅、 饶恕、 对不起、请原谅

vt. 免除

  • Monica: Well you did a little bit.

  • Rachel: Oh my God, honey, I'm so sorry!

  • Monica: I totally forgive you!

  • Rachel: Really?

  • Monica: Yes!