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  • Leonard: Oh, I hope they let us in soon. I’m tired of running to the gas station to use the bathroom. The guy makes me buy a Gatorade every time. It’s a vicious circle.

vicious circle [ˈvɪʃəs ˈsɚkəl]

n. 恶性循环

  • Howard: Too bad you don’t have a stadium pal like me.

stadium [ˈstediəm]

n. 运动场、体育场、[医](疾病的第…)期

  • Leonard: What’s a stadium pal?

  • Howard: Let me put it this way, takes care of the bathroom problem, and it keeps your calf warm.

  • Raj: Hey, guys, bad news. I just did a quick calculation. Given the size of the theatre and the length of this line, we might not get seats.

  • Sheldon: What did he say?

  • Leonard: Nice going, Raj, just got him down for his nap.

nap [næp]

n. 小睡,打盹、一种牌戏、绒毛

vi. 打瞌睡、疏忽

vt. 使起毛

  • Sheldon: We might not get seats?

  • Leonard: It’s fine, it’s fine. Go back to sleep.

  • Sheldon: Oh, I informed you thusly. I so informed you thusly.

  • Leonard: Howard, you talk to him. Howard? You’re peeing, aren’t you?


v. 小便,撒尿( pee的现在分词 )