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2020/06/15 分享
  • Sheldon: Under normal circumstances I’d say, I told you so. But as I have told you so with such vehemence and frequency already, the phrase has lost all meaning. Therefore, I will be replacing it with the phrase I informed you thusly.

circumstance [ˈsɜrkəmstæns]

n. 环境,境遇、事实,细节、典礼,仪式

vt. 使处于某种特定的情况之下

vehemence [ˈviɪməns]

n. 热烈、强烈、猛烈、愤怒

thusly ['ðʌsli]

adv. <口>因而、从而、这样、如此

  • Howard: Ooh. Can’t wait for that to start.

  • Sheldon: I informed you thusly.

  • Raj: Eight for 28.

  • Sheldon: This is where we could have been if we hadn’t stopped for dinner. This is where we could have been if Koothrappali hadn’t ordered dessert.

  • Raj: Well I earned it, dude, I ate all my broccoli.

broccoli [ˈbrɑkəli]

n. 花椰菜、西兰花

  • Sheldon: And here’s where we are. The runts in a large litter, unlikely to ever reach the nourishing teats of Indiana Jones.

nourishing ['nʌrɪʃɪŋ]

adj. 有营养的,滋养多的

v. 养育( nourish的现在分词 )、喂养、保持、增长(情绪等)

teat [tit, tɪt]

n. 奶头、乳头、<英>(奶瓶上的)橡皮奶头、(机械上的)小突

  • Leonard: So I guess it’s a good thing we stopped for dinner.

  • Raj: You know, guys, when facing disappointment, Eat, Pray, Love teaches us...

  • Howard: Oh, shut up.