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2020/06/10 分享
  • So it's the tough guy.

  • This is a matter for insurance, not a frivolous lawsuit.

frivolous [ˈfrɪvələs]

adj. 无价值的,毫无意义的、轻率的,轻易、不务正业的、孩子气的

  • You know, for your information, I suffered emotional pain.

  • Emotional pain? Rub this on your emotional pain.

  • You condescending son of a ...

condescending [ˌkɑndɪˈsendɪŋ]

adj. 降低身份的、屈尊的、高傲的、傲慢的

v. 屈尊,俯就( condescend的现在分词 )、故意表示和蔼可亲

  • Look at me, I am gonna warn you once. Do not pursue this matter.

pursue [pərˈsu]

vt. 继续、追求、进行、追捕

vi. 追,追赶、继续进行

  • You know, I have been held up at gunpoint three times. So do you think a fancy suit and a $500 haircut, that's gonna scare me?

gunpoint [ˈɡʌnˌpɔɪnt]

n. 枪口

fancy [ˈfænsi]

vt. 认为、想象、想要、自命不凡

n. 想象的事物、想象力、爱好、想要

adj. 精致的、花哨的、昂贵的、异常复杂的、豪华的

  • You take my driver to court, I'm gonna represent him myself. And when you lose, you'll be covering my fee, which is gonna be a hell of a lot of haircuts.

  • Hmm, so you weren't a one-way fare.

  • Ray's worked for me eight years.

  • Then you don't have to worry about being a witness, because as his employer, you're liable for his actions.

liable [ˈlaɪəbəl]

adj. 有责任的、有义务的、有…倾向的、易…的

  • You know, I think you've seen way too many reruns of Ally McBeal.

rerun ['rirʌn]

n. 重播节目

vt. 再播放

  • Hmm. You know, I emigrated here after September 11th, and they shut the doors on everybody. I couldn't pay for a lawyer, so I had to take them to court. I sued for my citizenship, so I have a very special appreciation for the law.


v. 移居国外( emigrate的过去式和过去分词 )

  • I appreciate a good single malt. I don't pretend I can make one.

appreciate [əˈpriʃiˌet]

vt. 感激、欣赏、领会、鉴别

vi. (使)增值,涨价

malt [mɔlt]

n. 麦芽、麦芽酒、啤酒、麦乳精

vt. 使(谷物)成为麦芽、制麦芽

adj. 麦芽的、含麦芽的、用麦芽作的

  • I wiped the floor with the U.S. government, counselor. I'm gonna do the same with you.

counselor [ˈkaʊnsəlɚ, -slɚ]

n. 顾问、<律>律师、(使馆等的)参赞、(协助学生解决问题的)指导老师