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2020/06/08 分享
  • Okay, what was the name of the record label?

  • Marlin records. Who covered it in the late '60s?

  • Ahh! I want to say The Stones, but...

  • You need some guesses?

  • Oh! Oh, my God.

  • Just like a private car service, huh? Thinking you don't have to yield?

yield [jild]

vt. 屈服,投降、生产、获利、不再反对

vi. 放弃,屈服、生利、退让,退位

n. 产量,产额、投资的收益、屈服,击穿、产品

  • What? Yield? You ran a red light!

  • That light was yellow!

  • No, sir, it was not!

  • Are you calling me a liar?

liar [ˈlaɪɚ]

n. 说谎者

  • Back off. Mind your business, okay?

  • No, I'm minding my business.

  • Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Anyone throws a punch, or I'm gonna introduce you to Mr. Taser. Trade insurance, I'll take reports, one at a time.

punch [pʌntʃ]

v. 用拳猛击、(用压穿器)穿孔,冲孔、挤;按(键),压(按钮)

n. 重拳击打、打孔机、冲床、影响力

  • Yeah, as much as I'd like to help you out, I'm late for a meeting.

  • No, no, no. You're not going anywhere. I need a statement from you too.

  • I need you to babysit the client till I get there. And don't mention the deal. If she asks any questions, just nod your head and look pretty.


vi. 临时受雇代外出的父母照料小孩