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2020/06/03 分享
  • Howard: Two forty-four, Right on schedule. Hey, Sheldon.

  • Sheldon: Oh, hello.

  • Howard: Raj and I are heading over to the genetics lab to pet the glow-in-the-dark bunny. Want to come with us?

genetics [dʒəˈnɛtɪks]

n. 遗传学

bunny [ˈbʌni]

n. 兔子、可爱的女郎

  • Sheldon: No, thank you.

  • Raj: Are you sure? They turn off the lights, and it’s like a cute little laser show that poops all over the place.

laser [ˈleɪzər]

n. 激光、激光器,镭射器

  • Sheldon: I’m quite sure. Good day.

  • Howard: Well, where are you going?

  • Sheldon: Where are you going?

  • Raj: We just told you.

  • Sheldon: I just told you.

  • Howard: No, you didn’t.

  • Sheldon: Well, it’s your word against mine; see you in court.

  • Howard: Should we follow him?

  • Raj: I don’t know, I’m torn. I want to know where he’s going, but now I kind of want to play with the bunny.

torn [tɔrn]

v. 撕( tear的过去分词)、扯裂、破损

adj. 犹豫的;举棋不定的

  • Alex: Hi, guys.

  • Howard: Hey, Alex, do you know where your boss just went?

  • Alex: No.

  • Howard: Don’t you know his schedule?

  • Alex: All I know is corduroy makes too much noise and I have to go find quieter pants.

corduroy [ˈkɔrdərɔɪ]

n. 灯芯绒、条绒

  • Howard: Come on.

  • Raj: Boy, what I wouldn’t give to get her out of those pants and into something a little more stylish.