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  • You really think you can handle me?

  • Oh, I think I'll be just fine.

  • 'Cause this isn't Sunday afternoon bridge with your grandmother.

bridge [brɪdʒ]

n. 桥,桥梁、纽带、(舰船的)驾驶台,船桥、鼻梁

vt. 在…建桥,架桥于…之上、通过桥横跨、弥合(分歧)、兼具…特点

  • I don't see how that's an insult to a person. I'll just keep dealing.

insult [ɪnˈsʌlt]

vt. 侮辱,凌辱、辱骂、损害

  • Look, we're supposed to play until one of us is busted, even if it takes all night, but you know what? I don't have all night. Who's the grandmother now? He can't help you. But I do know why you're looking to him. You see, I looked into you. You say you're a self-made man. Your ex-wife had a different story when she told me why she left you. She said you had a chip on your shoulder because everything you ever got came from daddy. Now, you may not think this is true anymore. You said yourself, you're not an expert. But you hire them to advise you, run your companies, and fight your battles. Tonight, it's you, me, and that stack of chips. Let's play.

  • You think you can bait me into calling you when you got me beat? You're gonna have to do better than that.

bait [bet]

n. 饵,诱饵、诱惑、(路上的)休息(或进食)

v. 置诱饵于…、引诱、纵犬袭击(野兽)、折磨、(故意以侮辱性言语)激怒

  • You're right, Tommy, I do have you beat. But these shity cards, they don't have anything to do with it.