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  • Jessica.

  • Where are you?

  • In a meeting.

  • Do people often yell "I hit the jackpot" in your meetings?

jackpot [ˈdʒækpɑt]

n. 赌注、头奖,最大成功、积累的赌金、困境

  • If you know where I am, why are you asking?

  • Because the answer tells me I should be worried.

  • It's just poker.

  • Harvey, I know losing Donna's been hard. You haven't hired her replacement.

replacement [rɪˈplesmənt]

n. 代替、归还,,复位、替代者、补充兵员

  • She's irreplaceable.

irreplaceable [ˌɪrɪˈplesəbəl]

adj. 不能调换的,不能代替的

  • I'm assigning you a temp.

temp [tɛmp]

n. 临时雇员,(尤指)临时秘书

vi. 打临时工,做临时工作,打零工

abbr. temperature温度

  • Excellent. Not for you. You should fold.

  • Damn it.

  • I swear I'm listening.

  • No, no, the judge assigned to your fraud case just denied our motion to seal.

  • What? That motion's a slam dunk, and we need it. Who's the judge?

slam dunk [slæm dʌŋk]

n. (篮球比赛中)扣篮,塞篮; (驾船时)贴进另一只船改变航向

  • Ella Follman.

  • Don't know her. You?

  • I'm about to.