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2020/05/22 分享
  • Explain to me, how you sell your company on a cocktail napkin at a poker table.

cocktail [ˈkɑkteɪl]

n. 鸡尾酒、餐前开胃菜、混合物

adj. 鸡尾酒的、(女服)在半正式场合穿的

  • I didn't sell it. I just put it up as collateral.

collateral [kəˈlætərəl]

n. 担保物、旁系亲属

adj. 并行的、附属的、旁系的

  • On a cocktail napkin at a poker table.

  • I had aces full of kings.

  • The odds were with him.

odds [ɑdz]

n. 希望,可能性、几率,胜算、掣肘的事情、逆境

  • Come on, you saw it. It was bullshit. The guy rivered me.

  • No, what's bullshit is, you should have never been at that table in the first place, much less drunk at that table.

  • I gave the keynote speech, Harvey. They toasted me. I had...one drink.

keynote speech [ˈkiˌnot spitʃ]


  • You're an alcoholic at a casino. You don't get any drinks.

alcoholic [ˌælkəˈhɔlɪk]

adj. 酒精的,含酒精的、酒精中毒的

n. 酗酒者,酒鬼、酒精中毒者

  • I'm not an alcoholic. I'm a compulsive gambler.

compulsive [kəmˈpʌlsɪv]

adj. 极有趣的、令人着迷的、因着迷而引起的、强迫性的

adv. 极有趣地,令人着迷地,强迫性地

gambler [ˈɡæmbəl]

n. 赌徒、投机商人

  • And those dots aren't connected? Let me explain. You had a drink. You gambled. You lost your company.

  • I know, it was stupid. Is there anything we can do?

  • What I should do is walk through that door and make you live with this.

  • Well, you won't, will you? Because you owe me.