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  • Holy shit. Look at this guy. Those are $25,000 chips. That's three stacks of four... by seven... That is $3,125,000.

chips [tʃɪps]

n. 炸马铃薯条、注定要失败(或完蛋)、在危急关头、在关键时刻、碎片( chip的名词复数 )、缺口、(作赌注用的)筹码、(足球)高球

  • That's Keith.

  • Well, at least we don't have to worry about him losing.

  • All in.

  • Or...

  • Keith. This is a bad idea.

  • You haven't seen my hand.

  • I call.

  • Straight.

  • Full house.

  • He's got one out.

  • Yeah, we're fine unless the river's a... 10 of clubs.


n. (尤指年轻人听音乐、跳舞等的)俱乐部( club的名词复数 )、梅花、(尤指英国)男性俱乐部、(以优惠价出售图书、激光唱片等给成员的)读者俱乐部

  • That is some tough luck right there.

  • Tommy, please, just give me 48 hours.

  • Sorry, Keith. Deal's a deal.

  • That was insane. You just lost $3 million. Who the hell's that guy?

insane [ɪnˈsen]

adj. 疯狂的、精神病的、非常愚蠢的

  • It's worse. That napkin-- Harvey, I just lost my company.

napkin [ˈnæpkɪn]

n. 餐巾,餐巾纸、尿布、(女士)卫生巾