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2020/05/20 分享
  • Complimentary champagne?

complimentary [ˌkɑmplɪˈmentri]

adj. 表示敬意的、赞美的、恭维的、赠送的

adv. 崇敬地,赞美地,赞许地

champagne [ʃæmˈpen]

n. 香槟酒、香槟酒色、平原、平野

  • You think this happens if you walk in here in a T-shirt and jeans? You have a guest, Keith Hoyt. Can you let him know I'm here?

  • Mr. Hoyt left a message for you to meet him in the Poker Room, Mr. Specter.

  • The floor manager assured me that he'd be kept away from the tables.

floor manager [flɔr ˈmænɪdʒɚ]

n. 舞台监督

  • I'm sorry, I have no record of that here, sir.

  • Double down. Okay, so let me get this straight, he has a gambling problem?

  • And drinking.

  • Why is he in Atlantic City?

  • Because he's the keynote speaker at a clean energy conference, and he promised me he'd stay out of trouble.

  • And you took the word of an addict?

addict [əˈdɪkt]

n. 有瘾的人、入迷的人、(吸毒)成瘾者

vt. 使沉溺、使上瘾、使自己沾染(某些恶习)

  • He's been clean five years. No drinking, no gambling.

  • So that's why you're here. You're concerned about him. But you also want to gamble.

  • He has a problem. I do not have a problem.