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2020/05/19 分享
  • That's right. We're not in Kansas anymore. Let's move, Dorothy.

  • You didn't tell me you were bringing me here.

  • And that's a problem how?

  • I'm sort of banned from here.


v. 取缔( ban的过去分词 )、查封、禁止、禁止某人做某事(或去某处等)

  • For smoking weed?

  • Counting cards. I mean, I was smoking weed, but they banned me for counting cards. My brain just does it. I can't help that it keeps track.

counting cards


  • And that's your defense?

  • It was three years ago. I was broke.

broke [broʊk]

vt. 打破(break的过去式)、折断

adj. 破产的、缺乏资金的

  • Well, which is it, your brain just does it, or you were broke?

  • What are you, some kind of lawyer?

  • Get inside. You're wearing a tux. They're not gonna know who you are.