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2020/05/14 分享
  • All right. Let's make this quick. I only have a 15-minute recess.

recess [ˈriˌsɛs, rɪˈsɛs]

n. 休息、隐蔽处、(山脉,海岸等的)凹处、壁凹,壁龛

vt. 把某物放在凹处、制造凹陷、(暂时)休会,休课,休庭

vi. 休息,休会,休庭

  • This won't take that much time as long as you're willing to sign this.

  • What is this?

  • You're recusing yourself from any cases being tried by Smith and Devane for the next three years.


v. 要求撤换( recuse的现在分词 )

  • And why would I agree to that?

  • Because if you do, this whole thing goes away.

  • I don't care what happens to this thing. It's blackmail, and I'm not giving in to it.

blackmail [ˈblækˌmel]

n. 敲诈,勒索、(盗匪征收的)保护费,免抢税

vt. 胁迫,勒索,敲诈,讹诈

  • Listen to me, this avoids even the rumor of something that could destroy your reputation. That's what you came to me for.

  • I came to you to defend me.

  • We're offering you a way to get out of needing a defense.

  • What you're offering is a chance to do something unethical.

unethical [ʌnˈeθɪkl]

adj. 不道德的

  • You don't do this, we have to argue this in front of a judicial committee, which means all bets are off.

judicial [dʒuˈdɪʃəl]

adj. 司法的、法庭的、明断的、公正的

  • I know what it means. And I don't care. So instead of trying to broker some backroom deal, why don't you try to figure out how to clear my name? Because I recuse myself, I might as well have gotten paid to overrule that verdict in the first place.

broker [ˈbroʊkə(r)]

n. (股票、外币等)经纪人、中间人,代理人、旧货商人、〈口〉婚姻介绍人

vt. 作为权力经纪人进行谈判、作为中间人来安排、设法

backroom [ˈbækˈrum, -ˈrʊm]

adj. (工作)秘密的,在幕后进行的、,(人)幕后的

n. 密室