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  • I don't get it. How could I have guessed this? They didn't go to batting cages in "A Few Good Men".

  • No, but Tom Cruise says he can think better with his bat.

  • There is no way I could have guessed that.

  • All right, give me the Cliff Notes.

  • Two months ago, PolyCode versus K Systems. Jury ruled in favor of PolyCode. Ralls overturned the case on its merits.

versus [ˈvɜrsəs]

prep. (表示两队或双方对阵)对、(比较两种不同想法、选择等)与…相对、对抗

  • Let me guess. Whoever's representing PolyCode found out that Ralls has a ton of money in K Systems.

  • Exactly. But I talked to her finance guy, and he says it's in a trust, it's blind, and he's willing to put it in writing.

  • Who's repping PolyCode?

  • Smith and Devane.

  • Well, they're not idiots. They've got to figure that we could find proof like that.

  • Yeah, so the only question is, why do they think they have a shot? Wait a second, what if they don't think they have a shot?

  • What are you talking about?

  • You said you didn't want to represent Ralls because it could affect another case we might try. She gets put in review, she's gonna be kicked off the bench for six months.

bench [bɛntʃ]

n. (木制)长凳,工作台、法官,法官席、(英国议会的)议员席、场边的运动员休息区

vt. 给…以席位、为…设置条凳

  • Holy shit, they want her off so she won't find against a different client in an upcoming case.

  • Which means if we can get her to recuse herself from whatever the case is...

  • They'll drop this bullshit like a hot potato. Well, look at that. I am having fun.

hot potato [hɑt pəˈteto]

n. 棘手的人[问题]、烫手的山芋