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  • Judge Ralls?

  • You remember me.

  • Of course. You treated me fairly during my trial. I'll never forget that.

  • Good. Because I'm not just here by accident. You're being accused of overturning a verdict for personal gain. And if I lose, it could cost me my judgeship.

by accident [baɪ ˈæksɪdənt]


overturning [oʊvə'tɜnɪŋ]

v. (使)翻倒( overturn的现在分词 )、使垮台,推翻、撤销(判决等)

verdict [ˈvɜrdɪkt]

n. (陪审团的)裁决、裁定、(经过试验、检验或体验发表的)决定、意见

judgeship ['dʒʌdʒʃɪp]

n. 法官的地位

  • Forgive me for asking, but why exactly are you coming to me with this?

  • Because you're a hell of a lawyer. And like you said, I always treated you fairly during your trial.

  • Bullshit. How many other firms you go to before coming to me?

  • Seven.

  • That's what I thought. So you're not coming to me because I know you're fair. You picked me because anyone who takes on this case is gonna have to drop at least one client, and you thought you could come down here and guilt me into doing that. No, thanks.

guilt [ɡɪlt]

n. 有罪,犯罪行为,罪恶、[法律] 轻罪,过失、内疚,知罪、自责

  • And what if that's true?

  • I can't ask my firm to drop a client right now. I'm sorry.

  • You're sorry? You stood in my courtroom, said you'd been given a gift and you wasted it. I've served for 20 years. They're accusing me of something I didn't do, and I lose this, I lose everything I've ever worked for. So did you mean that shit you said to the jury or not?

courtroom [ˈkɔrtrum]

n. 法庭,审判室