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  • She's lying. She knew about Stan. She's known for a long time.

  • And that matters to us why?

  • Because she's taking advantage of us. We are being manipulated into firing one of her employees and told not to ask questions. Well, I have questions.


v. 熟练控制操作、(暗中)控制,操纵,影响、正骨、治疗脱臼

  • And the answer is ten. As in $10 million per year... the amount of business Drybeck generates for this firm. Which means you have to finish what you started. Find Stan and get him to sign those documents. Oh, and as far as I'm concerned, that little associate of yours is to blame for all of this.

  • That was an honest mistake.

  • He knowingly revealed the client's confidential document. That is not a mistake. How many more chances are you gonna give that kid?

reveal [rɪˈvil]

vt. 显露、揭露、泄露、[神]启示

n. 揭示,展现、[建]门侧,窗侧

  • Oh, I didn't realize we were keeping score. But if that's the case, I still think he's coming out ahead.

keeping score [ˈkipɪŋ skɔr]