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2020/05/06 分享
  • Fair? You think this is fair?

  • We understand how difficult this must be, Stan. How you must feel right now.

  • You have no idea what I feel right now.

  • Just so I'm clear... you're not denying what we're presenting you with?

deny [dɪˈnaɪ]

vt. 拒绝、拒绝承认、拒绝…占有、否认知情

  • You mean that I lied back when Drybeck hired me? No. But I'm not some scam artist either. I did go to college. I just... couldn't afford to graduate. No one ever questioned it before because I'm that good with numbers. Then they find out all of a sudden.

scam [skæm]

n. 骗局、诡计、<美俚>诓骗、故事

vt. 欺诈、诓骗

  • They didn't. This background check is five years old.

  • What? That doesn't make sense.

  • Is this the original?

  • So Tori knew... all this time? This is the same thing that happened to Paula.

  • Who?

  • Paula. Discovered some undisclosed income, the books weren't adding up, she brought it to me. The next thing I know, she is gone. I asked Tori about it, then I start getting shut out of meetings. They're trying to hide something and they're firing me so they can.

undisclosed [ˌʌndɪsˈkloʊzd]

adj. 秘密的,身份不明的、未泄露的

shut out [ʃʌt aʊt]


  • Hey, where are you going?

  • I'm not signing some agreement. Are you kidding me? I'm getting railroaded!

railroad [ˈreɪlroʊd]

n. 铁路、铁道、铁路公司、铁路部门

v. 迫使…仓促行事、强迫…做、轻率判处、 在铁路工作;乘火车旅行

  • Should I go after him?

go after [ɡo ˈæftɚ]


  • No. You've done enough already.