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2020/05/04 分享
  • Hey, what's the emergency? Couldn't find a date to the prom?

prom [prɑm]

n. 正式舞会,毕业舞会

  • We're firing Stan Jacobson.

  • Who?

  • Senior Vice President, Drybeck Accounting.

  • Our accounting firm?

  • Yes. They're our firm and our client.

  • How's that possible? They signed a conflict of interest waiver.

conflict of interest [ˈkɑnˌflɪkt ʌv ˈɪntrɪst]


  • Look at that. He's actually learning how the law works. Acquaint yourself with Drybeck's company charter and Stan's original employment contract.

acquaint [əˈkwent]

vt. 使熟悉、使认识、把某事通知某人,告知

  • What'd he do?

  • He lied.

  • He lied? About what? Wait, let me guess. He cooked the books. God, doesn't anyone on Wall Street put in an honest day's work anymore?

  • Actually, he's got a stellar record as a Senior VP. He lied on his resume. Never got his CPA license. Never even went to business school.

stellar [ˈstɛlɚ]

adj. 星的、星球的、主要的、 主角的

  • He lied about where he went to school and now he's getting fired?

  • Drybeck does the books for half of Wall Street. Word gets out that a senior staff is a fraud, they're gonna start bleeding clients. We have to do this fast and keep it quiet. Relax. That's not gonna happen to you.

bleeding [ˈblidɪŋ]

n. 流血,失血

v. 流血( bleed的现在分词 )、勒索,敲诈、散开、给(某人)放血

adj. 流血的、血腥的、该死的、讨厌的

  • But I would get fired if Jessica found out.