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2020/05/01 分享
  • Okay, as soon as we get inside I need you to find every plaintiff you interviewed and tell them they're here under false pretenses.

false pretense

[法] 欺诈,欺骗,谎言

  • Done.

  • Kenny's meeting us here. We need him to identify the man who came to see him, and we're gonna wait for that guy to approach any of our plaintiffs.

  • And if we connect that guy to Tanner, then we have him on criminal intimidation.

intimidation [ɪntɪməˈdeʃən]

n. 恫吓,恐吓,胁迫

  • And Emerson Petroleum will have no choice but to settle.

  • You were right, he called every one of them.

  • You see the guy?

  • No.

  • Start looking.

  • Mrs. Williams, do you remember me? I'm Mike Ross, from the office.

  • I remember you. Do you mind if I ask you what you're doing here today?

  • We were invited to come and hear a settlement offer.

  • Really? Um, excuse me just for a minute. He came here himself.

  • Big mistake. Sorry to ruin your little brunch, but I think you know damn well that you can't legally address my clients.

  • Hey, I just came for the juice. Mmm. Pulp free. I know I can't talk to your clients directly. But thank God you're here, Harv. Because what I can do is I can talk to you. Harvey, Emerson Petroleum is offering $25,000 to each and every one of your clients. They don't take that, this trial stretches out for years. Cross-examinations will be brutal. You take our settlement, and this whole thing will be gone tomorrow. Now if any of your clients want to get in touch with me, here's my number.

pulp [pʌlp]

n. 纸浆,黏浆状物质、果肉、牙髓、[冶]矿浆

vt. 使…化成纸浆、除去…的果肉、取出(咖啡豆的)果肉

vi. 变成纸浆、成为浆状

adj. <美俚>(杂志)低级趣味的

brutal [ˈbrutl]

adj. 野蛮的、残忍的、不讲理的、无情的