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  • Sure you're ready for this?

  • I'm here, aren't I?

  • I've been looking into you. You're an elusive man.

elusive [ɪˈlusɪv]

adj. 难以捉摸的、不易记住的、逃避的、难以找到的

  • Yeah, well, when you're number one, you don't need to broadcast your victories, Harvey.

broadcast [ˈbrɔdkæst]

vt. 广播、播放、使广为人知、尤指用手播(种)

vi. 播放节目、参加电台、电视节目的演出、发送传递信号,传播

n. 广播、电台、电视节目、播放时间、播种


n. 胜利,成功,赢( victory的名词复数 )

  • That's funny. Where I come from, number one doesn't usually challenge number two to a fight. This school was Apple Creek's pride. Parents felt safe sending their children here, and teachers felt safe teaching here. You know what Apple Creek High School is now? A bunch of trailers on the outskirts of town. All because 30 years ago your clients failed to cap an oil well and gave them all cancer.

trailer [ˈtrelɚ]

n. 拖车、追踪者、<美>拖车式活动房屋、(电影或电视节目的)预告片

vt. 用拖车运

vi. 乘拖带式居住车旅行

outskirt [ˈaʊtˌskət]

n. 市郊,郊区

oil well [ɔɪl wɛl]

n. 油井

  • You see all these power lines around here? They crisscross the entire town. Two miles down that road, paint factory. You got a microwave tower. And all this grass that you see? It's been treated with pesticide every week for 20 years. You say it's our fault. I say you're wrong.

crisscross ['krɪsˌkrɒs]

n. 十字形图案,纵横交错的网

vt. (在…范围内)纵横交错、交叉

pesticide [ˈpɛstɪˌsaɪd]

n. 杀虫剂,农药

  • That office, Mitch Rosewall, soccer coach, brain cancer. Library, Monica Dodd, volunteer. She ran it for years. Stomach cancer. They both died last month, and they sure as hell didn't die from pesticide.

  • Can you prove it?

  • If we go to trial, it won't be about proving anything. It'll be about Monica, Mitch, and Kenny, and you won't stand a chance.

  • Ah, this is fun, Harvey. I'm just sorry to say that we won't get to do this in court. Against my advice, Emerson wants to settle.

settle [ˈsɛtl]

vt. 解决、安排、使定居、使沉淀

vi. 下沉、定居

n. 高背长靠椅

  • You're kidding me. After all this, you want to settle.

  • No, I don't, but those are my instructions. Call it a draw.

draw [drɔ]

vt.& vi. 绘画、拖,拉、招致、吸引

vt. 画、拉、吸引

vi. 移动、拔出剑、皱缩、汲取

n. 平局、抽奖

  • Mike, get over to Kenny's house. Tanner's gonna try and make him cave.

cave [keɪv]

n. 洞穴、〈方〉地窖