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2020/04/29 分享
  • Why?

  • Louis, there was a--

  • I don't care. Tell me what you learned about Travis Tanner.

  • It's all in there. Travis Tanner went to Yale, undergrad in Law, honors in both. He was a junior tennis champion. Tennis. Just like Louis. Yeah, he played in college too. More importantly, he was the youngest senior partner at Clyde-MacPhee. This guy's record is off the charts.

chart [tʃɑrt]

n. 图表、航海图、排行榜

vt. 绘制地图、记录、记述、跟踪(进展或发展)

  • Really?

  • He specializes in breaking class action lawsuits. Harris Tobacco, Bell Pesticide, Gravtech Securities, he broke them all.

  • How come I've never heard of him?

how come [haʊ kʌm]


  • Evidentially, he doesn't like to take public credit. Stays off the radar, he avoids the press. I only found this stuff by looking through court records.



radar [ˈredɑr]

n. 雷达、雷达装置、无线电探测器

  • Now it makes sense. Why he thinks I know him. I know those other attorneys. He thinks they've told me about him.

attorney [əˈtɜrni]

n. 代理人、律师

  • They never did?

  • No. Because he beat them.

  • This guy's kind of a badass.

badass [ˈbædˌæs]

n. 寻衅闹事的人、 不合作的人、惯犯、劣性牲口

adj. 无法无天的、坏的、不值钱的、不好对付的