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2020/04/28 分享
  • I need you to dig into Travis Tanner. Find out where he's worked, where he's gone to school, what cases he's won.

  • Why, you thinking about starting a Wikipedia page for him?

  • I don't know anything about how this guy operates. And before I make a move, I need to know everything about how this guy operates.

  • Right, for his Wikipedia page.

  • You think the Mavericks didn't watch game film on LeBron before they played the Heat?

  • You're Harvey Specter. You don't need to watch game film.

  • Do you know who's watched more game film than anybody?

  • No. Who?

  • Michael Jordan.

  • What? How do you know that?

  • You don't believe me? Let's call him.

  • You have Michael Jordan's phone number. If I hit this button right here, I call Michael Jordan?

  • That's kinda how a phone works. Speed dial 23. Go for it.

dial [ˈdaɪəl]

n. 日晷、钟(表)面,标度盘、拨号盘、表盘

vt.& vi. 打电话,拨电话号码

vt. 用标度盘测量、通过表针控制

  • I'm gonna ask him about baseball.

  • Do not ask him about baseball. Ahh! Wrong-- Wrong number. You're kidding me. Oh, my God. Who are you?