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2020/04/27 分享
  • It was an attack on my history, my family, everything I care about.

  • I told you this was coming. They're just trying to rattle you.

rattle [ˈrætl]

vt.& vi. (使)发出格格的响声,(使)作嘎嘎声、喋喋不休地说话

vi. 迅速而嘎嘎作响地移动,堕下或走动

vt. 使紧张,使恐惧、给(桅索)扎梯绳

n. 嘎嘎声、发出嘎嘎声的儿童玩具、呼噜声、音响构造

  • Yeah, well, they're doing a hell of a good job.

  • Kenny, you're our lead plaintiff. You've got to keep your composure.

composure [kəmˈpoʊʒə(r)]

n. 镇静,沉着、头脑镇定或沉着的状态

  • I don't care about composure. I want to make a settlement.

  • That's exactly what they want.

  • Kenny, I'd like you to meet Harvey Specter. He's my right hand.

  • Can your right hand please tell me why we shouldn't ask for a settlement?

  • I'm not against settling one bit. But if we go to them, we're weak. They come to us, we're strong.

  • Harvey's right. They came after you because they're running scared. Trust me, they'll come to us soon enough.

  • Okay.

  • One more thing, I'm gonna postpone the rest of the depositions. Don't tell the rest of the plaintiffs what happened.

deposition [ˌdɛpəˈzɪʃən]

n. 沉积(物)、[律](在法庭上的)宣誓作证,证词、免职,革职

plaintiff [ˈplentɪf]

n. <律>原告