Way to English
2020/04/17 分享
  • So, hey, I was thinking about that stuff with Alex.

  • Oh, would you stop worrying about that?

  • I can’t help it. But, look, I figured I could sit around and feel insecure, or I could do something about it. So I got a course catalogue at school and looked at some of the science classes.

  • That’s great.

  • No, it isn’t, they are extremely boring. I mean, how do you not kill yourself, like, every day? Anyway, I decided I don’t need to be a scientist, I could just look like one. So I bought these.

  • Glasses? I really don’t think that’s gonna change… oh, my God, you look so smart and hot.

  • I know, right? Watch this. Molecules.

molecule [ˈmɑlɪkjul]

n. 分子、微小颗粒

  • Okay, come with me.

  • Where are we going?

  • To my bedroom, so I can take everything off but those glasses. And maybe the boots.

boot [but]

n. 长靴,皮靴、防护罩、[多用于英国]行李箱、[俚语]解雇,激动

vt. 穿(靴)、踢、[俚语]解雇、[计算机科学]引导

vi. 帮助或益处