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2020/04/14 分享
  • Terrific. Something weird happened and I don’t know what to do about it.

weird [wɪrd]

adj. 怪诞的、奇异的、不寻常的、离奇的

  • What’s going on?

  • Sheldon’s assistant asked me on a date last night.

assistant [əˈsɪstənt]

n. 助手,助理、[化学](染色的)助剂、辅助物、店员,伙计

adj. 助理的、辅助的、有帮助的、副的

  • How could you do that to me? You know I’ve been working it with Alex for weeks.

  • Working it? You can’t even talk to her.

  • I talk with my eyes.

  • You look like my little cousin when he’s dropping one in his diaper.

diaper [ˈdaɪpər]

n. 尿布、菱形花格的麻或棉织物

vt. 包上尿布、用菱形花纹纺织或装饰

  • She knows I have a girlfriend. It’s so weird.

  • Oh, my God. You’re loving this.

  • To my bones. I mean, I’m not gonna do anything about it. I love Penny. It’s just nice to have a young, attractive woman sniffing around the goods.

sniff [snɪf]

vt. 鄙视地说、嗅、深深吸入、发现、忿忿不平地说

vi. 鄙视、嗅,闻、呼哧地吸气、寻找,好奇地查看

n. 吸气,擤鼻声、一股气味

  • I both hate you and want to be you. This is Ryan Gosling all over again.