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2020/04/10 分享
  • Tommy Bratton, you still double-billing to pay for that house in the Hamptons?

  • No. I'm working late to pay for it. And the one in Vail and the apartment in Paris.

  • That's a lot of homes. Sounds like a man who's compensating.

compensating ['kɒmpenseɪtɪŋ]

n. 补偿,补助,修正

v. 补偿,报酬( compensate的现在分词 )、给(某人)赔偿(或赔款)

adj. 补偿的、平衡的

  • So how're you doing, Harvey?

  • Oh, he's doing great. 'Cause we just shut down your pathetic assault on our firm.

pathetic [pəˈθɛtɪk]

adj. 令人同情的,可怜的、又笨又可怜的,无价值的、荡气回肠

assault [əˈsɔlt]

n. 攻击、袭击,进攻、威胁,殴打、侵犯人身

vt. 袭击、强暴、使(感官)难受

vi. 发起攻击、动武

  • Is that so?

  • You're Goddamn right, that's so.

  • Then might I ask what exactly are you doing here?

  • We're here to tell you that if you try this shit again, the same thing's gonna happen, only next time, we won't just play defense. We'll hit you with a tortious interference suit in the neighborhood of a billion dollars.

tortious ['tɔʃəs]

adj. 侵权行为的,侵权行为性质的

interference [ˌɪntərˈfɪrəns]

n. 干涉,干扰,冲突、介入、妨碍,打扰,阻碍物、冲突,抵触

  • Well, you better get ready, 'cause next time starts right now.

  • What, are you kidding? You already threw everything you had at us once. Didn't make a dent.

make a dent [mek e dɛnt]


  • Not everything. By tomorrow morning, I'll be poaching 20 of your clients, and I'll be suing another 20 of his. And that little trick you played in the courtroom today? It isn't going to work tomorrow.

poach [poʊtʃ]

v. 水煮、偷猎、窃取、把…踏成泥浆

  • Tom, you made your point. You're pissed off that we brought Alex over, but this doesn't have to...

  • I don't give two shits about Alex Williams. Lawyers grow on Goddamn trees. I want my clients back, and I want the 30 million in billables that come along with them, hand-delivered by you.

  • That's never gonna happen.

  • What do you think, Harvey? Do you think that's "never gonna happen"?

  • Like I said, whatever you throw at us, we'll throw it right the hell back.

  • With what manpower? You wanna pick a fight with a little regional law firm to flex your muscles, go ahead. But we're five times your size. This is a fight you started. And this is a fight that you cannot win. So you give me back my clients, or your legacy at Pearson Specter Litt is going to be that you were the one that put them in the ground.

flex your muscles