Way to English
2020/04/08 分享
  • Harvey, we need to talk, and it can't wait.

  • Then walk with me, because Bratton's getting ready to poach our clients, and Louis needs to know.

  • He already knows. They're making a play for Delta Securities, and that's not their only move.

  • Don't tell me. They're coming after my clients too.

  • AC Technologies. But, Harvey, they're not trying to poach. They're suing for patent infringement.

  • Aw, shit! Louis, whatever you're doing to keep Delta Securities, take a breath. I need you to listen to what I have to say.

  • Oh, I'm done listening to you. You wanna manage this firm into the ground, you go right ahead. But when your bullshit puts one of my biggest clients on the block, that's when I'm done playing good soldier.

soldier [ˈsoʊldʒə(r)]

n. 士兵、军人、战士

v. 坚持、硬挺着

  • Listen to me. Bratton's not just coming after our clients--they're trying to divide and conquer.

divide and conquer [dɪˈvaɪd ənd ˈkɑŋkɚ]


  • What are you, Caesar now? This isn't the Roman Empire.

roman empire [roˈmɑŋ ˈɛmˌpaɪr]


  • Look, I don't care what it is. You think it's a coincidence they're forcing you to close on one of your clients while suing one of mine for patent infringement?

patent infringement [ˈpætnt ɪnˈfrɪndʒmənt]


  • You're saying I can't keep my own clients?

  • Louis, all he's saying is you should switch clients and play to your strengths.

  • Pass!

  • Look, I get it-- you don't want Harvey's help because you're mad at him. But the least you can do is to go Alex. He came from Bratton. He knows their playbook.

  • I don't need their playbook. And he's the reason they're coming after us in the first place.

  • Okay, Louis, do it your way. But you better be good and ready, because Bratton knew enough to come after a client you almost lost a year ago and to sue mine for something I don't know anything about. Which means they've got someone inside this place telling them what to do.