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2020/04/06 分享
  • Harvey.

  • Jessica. Retirement suits you.

  • I'm not retired.

  • You look retired.

  • I look relaxed. There's a difference. Now, what's going on, Harvey? The last time you flew to Chicago this often, Michael was still playing.

  • I'm in a situation at the office.

  • Well, the first thing to do when you're in trouble is admit to yourself what you did to get yourself there.

  • What do you think I did? I made a deal with Mike to come back. I made Donna a partner without thinking it through. I hired someone against Louis's wishes. And all those things are colliding with each other into a big pile of "people hate Harvey".

colliding [kə'laɪdɪŋ]

v. 相撞( collide的现在分词 )、碰撞、冲突、抵触

  • Well, at least it's not a big pile of "people hate Jessica".

  • That's your advice?

  • No. No. Harvey, my advice is to give a big piece of new business to the person least likely to let anything go.

  • Louis.

  • Nine times out of ten. I can't just manufacture that overnight.

overnight [ˌoʊvərˈnaɪt]

adv. 在晚上、在夜里、突然、很快

adj. 一整夜的、晚上的、突然的、很快的

n. 前一天的晚上、一夜的逗留

vi. 过一夜

  • Harvey, do you remember that time we poached Trotter Systems from Zane?

  • You gotta be shitting me. That was a prearranged deal? I worked my ass off to get Trotter.


v. 预先安排,预先商定( prearrange的过去式和过去分词 )

  • You did. And you completely forgot that you were pissed at me about some bullshit neither one of us can remember anymore.

  • Rook to bishop four.

  • Exactly. Now, take a look at your menu, 'cause I'm starving.

starving [ˈstɑrvɪŋ]

adj. 饥饿,引申为供应不足、挨饿的、饿得要死

v. (使)挨饿,饥饿( starve的现在分词 )、缺乏,急需

  • When, exactly, do you think I'm gonna stop coming to you with these things?

  • The truth is, Harvey, you don't need to come to me anymore. You just do it 'cause you miss me.