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2020/04/02 分享
  • Let me get this straight. I got an offer for more money than I'll see my whole life, and you want me to turn it down based on a feeling that whatever happened to Chris happened to other people?

straight [stret]

adj. 直的、连续的、直率的、整齐的

adv. 直地、直接地、坦率地、立即

n. 直线、直线部分

  • It's not a feeling. It's an instinct that comes from working on hundreds of cases like this. And if you take this deal, you're never gonna get the answers you want. You'll never know what happened to your son.

instinct [ˈɪnˌstɪŋkt]

n. 本能,天性、冲动、天资,天才

adj. 深深地充满着

  • And I have another son and two daughters, and this changes their lives.

  • Mr.Reyes...

  • Are you telling me that you can prove they had something to do with my son's death?

  • Yes. I believe that Oliver can get enough to...

  • No, not Oliver. You. Because you're the one who took my case, and then you backed out (back out).

back out [bæk aʊt]


  • I told you, there was a conflict.

  • I don't know what that means.

  • Then listen to me right now. I know that you know my parents died in a car accident. But what you don't know is that after they did, a lawyer came to my grandmother and made her an offer. She took it, instead of going to court. And I am telling you, she regretted that for the rest of her life. Oscar, there's no price that'll make the pain go away.

  • Then what will?

  • Doing everything you can to make sure no one else ever has to feel it too. At least, that's the closest I've ever gotten. And you think turning this down will do that. I think Chris is gone and we can't ever bring him back. Which means this is about more than just money or justice. It's about stopping other people like him from dying. And I think it can be done, but even if it can't we gotta try.

justice [ˈdʒʌstɪs]

n. 正义、公正、法律制裁、审判员,法官

dying [ˈdaɪɪŋ]

adj. <口>渴望,切盼、垂死的,临终的、会死的、快熄灭的

v. “die”的现在分词

  • Tell them no.