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2020/04/01 分享
  • Hey, Mike, wait up.

  • Oliver, what are you doing here?

  • I was just waiting for you so we can grab that beer like we talked about.

grab [ɡræb]

vt.& vi. 抢先,抢占

vt. 夺取或抓住、抢夺,霸占、匆匆拿走、〈俚〉吸引注意力

vi. 抓住,攫取、夺取

n. 不法所得、被抓住的人、抓取装置

  • Except we didn't talk about grabbing a beer...

  • Just walk with me.

  • God damn it, Oliver, I told you...

  • Mike, relax. It's over. The bluff worked. I got a number, and it's good.

bluff [blʌf]

vi. 吓唬

vt. 吓唬、愚弄、以假象欺骗、虚张声势

n. 欺骗、恐吓、悬崖、虚张声势的人

adj. 直率的、爽快的

  • Shit. This offer's not just good. It's too good.

  • What're you talking about? You think they're not gonna pay?

  • I mean this isn't the number you give to make someone go away. It's a number you give when you need them to go away.

  • You're saying you think there's more cases like this out there.

  • I'm saying that when someone acts like this, there's more to find. Which means you need to convince Mr.Reyes to turn this down and keep looking.

  • Are you serious, Mike? This is more money than this family's ever seen.

  • And you convince them...

  • What? That I'm gonna find all those other cases? I already bluffed them once, Mike. And the only reason we were able to make this case is because we threatened to sue them over a specific guy.

  • Then knock on the door of everyone that has come out of that place and find more guys.

  • Mike. If there are other victims out there, I feel for them. But I'm representing Oscar. He's suffering. And I don't feel right telling him not to do this. So if you want this done, you're gonna have to do it yourself.

suffering [ˈsʌfərɪŋ, ˈsʌfrɪŋ]

n. 受苦,遭难、苦楚,苦难、令人痛苦的事

v. 受苦(suffer的现在分词)、蒙受

adj. 受苦的、患病的