Way to English
2020/03/30 分享
  • Morning.

  • Harvey, I'm sort of busy, so if you're here to shoot the shit...

  • I'm here to give you this.

  • What's this?

  • It's my way of saying thanks.

  • For what?

  • You know what.

  • Harvey, I dropped the suit because you asked me to. You don't have to give me anything in return.

in return [ɪn rɪˈtɚn]

adv. 作为报答


  • Has anyone ever taught you how to be gracious? Open the file.

gracious [ˈɡreʃəs]

adj. 亲切的,和蔼的、(对王族及其行为的敬语)仁慈的,谦和的、雅致的、有礼貌的

int. (表示惊异)天哪,老天爷

  • This's a pro Bono.

pro bono [ˌproʊ ˈboʊnoʊ]

adj. 无偿(专业性)服务的

  • I figured you didn't get to complete your one-for-you this time, so it's only fair.

  • Plus, you didn't want me to sue you for violating our agreement.

  • Doesn't look good to have Robin coming after Batman for breach of contract. Seriously, Mike, I know how hard that was for you, and I don't want there to be any bad blood between you and Alex.

breach [britʃ]

n. 破坏、破裂、缺口、违背

vt. 攻破、破坏,违反

  • I don't have a problem with Alex, Harvey.

  • You sure?

  • I'm sure.