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2020/03/26 分享
  • You busy?

  • You know I am, which means you wouldn't be here if it wasn't important.

  • You're right. I talked to Harvey.

  • You changed his mind?

  • No, no. He told me if I run from this, I'll be running forever.

  • Look, I hate to say it, but he might have a point.

  • He does.

  • So then why are you here?

  • 'Cause he got me thinking. The woman I first met over there said they couldn't let people like Harry and his wife get away with lying on their application because they wouldn't have a business anymore.

  • Right, but they didn't lie on their application.

  • No, they didn't. But a company that thinks like that...

  • Might have a policy of trying to not pay their claims at all.

  • Exactly. So if we can prove that that's the company's real policy, we got 'em.

  • But, right, Mike, we can get all the subpoenas in the world, but they're never going to hand over a smoking gun like that.


n. <律>(传唤出庭的)传票( subpoena的名词复数 )

v. <律>(用传票)传唤(某人)( subpoena的第三人称单数 )

smoking gun [ˈsmokɪŋ ɡʌn]

n. 确切的证据

  • No, they won't. But I think you know someone who can get it for us without issuing any subpoena at all.